Deep Breathing Benefits

You breathe 12-20 times each minute and 20000 times a day.

But how often did you make an effort to take a deep breath with focus?

Most of us tend to underestimate this easiest, most convenient and natural tool we have as a solution to most of our problems.

Deep breathing can do wonders for your body from relieving stress and pain to so much more listed below.

  1. Blows your Stress far away

Getting stressed doesn’t only mean loading your mind with over thinking; it affects your whole body from muscle tightening to shallow breathing.

In such, taking deep breaths indicates your body to calm down and cease the release of stress hormone named cortisol.

  • Relieves you from pain

With the end to stress hormone, it signals brain to release endorphin which acts a feel good chemical. This way, it relieves pain.

  • Activates your lymphatic system to detoxify the body

70% of toxin removal is done through breathing. Shallow breathing hinders this process and stimulates other systems which may make you sick.

Deep breathing aids in removing carbon dioxide and other toxins from your body properly.

  • Boosts your immunity

Breathing deeply gives your body fully oxygenated blood. It helps to carry and absorb nutrients and vitamins more efficiently. Ultimately, it doesn’t allow illness to step in.

  • Makes you high on energy

High amount of oxygen means improved metabolism and other body functions. Therefore it provides you enough amounts of energy and boosts your stamina.

  • Brings the higher BP down

Focused breathing relaxes muscles and allows vessels to dilate for better blood circulation. This in turn leads to low or normal blood pressure.

  •  Improves your posture

As you breathe deeply, you feel the movement of your diaphragm and pressure in your abdominal muscles. This makes you straighten your spine followed by good posture if practiced regularly.